Temporary stay

All apartments are external, decorated and equipped with all the comforts that are essential to ensure the quality of life of our residents.


Permanent stay

Thanks to the characteristics of our facilities and the specialisation of our professionals, we can meet the individual needs of both independent people and those requiring occasional or constant assistance.


Rehabilitation & convalescence

Our rehabilitation & convalescence programmes are aimed at people who, after an accident, operation or hospital stay, require professional help to ensure they recover quickly and fully.


Leisure and entertainment

Throughout the week a calendar of activities combining well-being and entertainment is established. In summer activities are also carried out in the outdoor swimming pools that allow you to enjoy the Mallorcan sun and the direct views of the sea.


Family respite

The family respite offers a time of rest for families and people who take care of a person in their own home. While the resident is staying in the residence, well alone, accompanied by a relative or caretaker, has all the necessary services and the family can rest or take a vacation. We can also help in those specific and brief situations, in which the family needs a center that serves their family member for a short period of time.



Relax area





Occupational therapy

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